Six greyhounds, attractive payout odds and pure live excitement – RACING DOGS was the first of our products to be launched and is still our most successful game to-date. Although your customers are betting on virtual dogs, thanks to over 1,500 real-life filmed racing sequences, they’ll experience real competitive fever just like being at the racetrack!

The bettor’s experience is made even more realistic since the same race is shown everywhere at the same time – and you decide if a new race begins every one, two or four minutes. Real-time feeling, fair and long-lasting gaming excitement are guaranteed – also ensured by our certified odds generator, which prevents all manipulation.
Additional winning chances add to all the excitement: throughout the day races are randomly tagged as Double-Win (x2) and Triple-Win (x3). Winnings in these races are doubled or even trebled. We can even set up a DogBonus jackpot for you.